Hair loss

models wearing wigs

Many people suffer hair loss for a variety of reasons. In particular, women undergoing chemotherapy treatment and alopecia sufferers can experience sudden hair loss, which can be traumatic. Jennifer can positively respond, deal with each individual need and find the right solution without delay.

Jennifer is happy to use her knowledge and experience to advise individuals on how best to deal with hair loss. We understand how distressing a time this is for people and we would like to help you, by making this time as hassle free as possible and help you choose the right head piece or wig. We work closely with the HSE and should you be claiming your wig through a medical card, we are experienced in this process and can assist you in this

People often ask the price of wigs and they can vary a good deal, this can depend on the quality of the wig and the brand. We have a wide variety of Wigs from real hair wigs to synthetic wigs in store which we would invite you to come in for a consultation to try and match the perfect wig for you.

We firmly believe that A positive self image, that look good and feel good factor plus confidence with style is proven to be enormously beneficial in hair recovery and the healing process.