Hair Regrowth

You may find that your hair will start to regrow a number of weeks after your treatment has ceased, this time can very from individual to individual so please don’t panic if you do not see immediate hair regrowth. I advise and welcome all clients who have purchased a wig from us to come back in when you start to see some hair regrowth. When the hair starts to regrow it can be uneven, its important at this point to get it trimmed once this starts, by doing this we are encouraging the hair regrowth to come through the scalp. There are options available in store to encourage regrowth.

Often times i can see some clients panic that the wig will fall off when the hair starts to regrow – but don’t worry. There will come a time when you become confident in the structure of your new hair growth and you find you don’t need to wear the wig anymore. Again it is difficult to put a timescale on this as it differs from person to person.