Luxe Bond – The ultimate in luxurious permanent extensions, Luxe Bond is where multiple shades of loose, premium quality, natural human hair are blended to match the client’s own hair colour.

Unique to Racoon, the bonding is the kindest possible to hair but also formulated to be strong and durable yet easy to remove. Its exact composition is a closely guarded secret but essentially, it’s a mixture of resins including pine kernel and peach stone extracts. The tiny bond (about the size of an uncooked grain of rice) is clear and discreet, making Luxe Bond extensions safe and secure, comfortable and unobtrusive.

Luxe Bond Extensions can be worn for at least 6 Months and easily up to 1 Year with regular maintenance and rotation. Once removed (an easy process) Luxe Bonds don’t leave any trace, residue or damage – as scientifically proven by top Trichologist – Iain Sallis. ( Tricology is dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp).

Luxe Bond is a specialised service depending on individual needs. So, whether applied for extra length, volume or a nuance of colour (or all three) Racoon’s Luxe Bond extensions are the professional’s choice for premium quality hair extensions and their clients preferred choice for the versatility they offer, knowing they can have the look of their dreams in a single visit!