Luxe Link is a trichology-approved extensions system which is quick and easy, but still fabulous. Available in a great range of colours, Luxe Links are perfect for clients preferring a no heat, no glue system and are also ideal for those wanting a faster approach to extension application and removal. A full head can be applied in just 90 minutes and safely removed in less than 30 minutes.

Luxe Links – exclusive to Racoon are the smallest links on the market. The hair can also be reused for up to 1 year with regular maintenance & rotation. It can be instantly re-fitted into a new link and immediately re-applied to the head. Perfect for full head and partial applications, for length or for volume, Luxe Links are comfortable to wear and as safe and sure, as they are versatile and undetectable. Plus they are given the thumbs-up by leading trichologist Iain Sallis for not causing any damage to hair. Luxe Links are permanent extensions that can be safely worn for least six months and easily up to one year with regular maintenance by your specially Racoon-trained stylist.

This Service is available with Melissa or Alexis.