Racoon Extensions & Heavenly Hair Extensions

Racoon Luxe Bond Extension System

Introducing the amazing Racoon Luxe Bond Extension System.

We are delighted to be one of the only Salons in Dublin and many parts of the country offering this service by our Certified Racoonista – Melissa.

Why is Racoon Unique and unlike anything else? 

The ultimate in luxurious permanent extensions, Luxe Bond is where multiple shades of loose, premium quality, natural human hair are blended to match the client’s own hair colour.

Unique to Racoon, the bonding is the kindest possible to hair but also formulated to be strong and durable yet easy to remove. Its exact composition is a closely guarded secret but essentially, it’s a mixture of resins including pine kernel and peach stone extracts. The tiny bond (about the size of an uncooked grain of rice) is clear and discreet, making Luxe Bond extensions safe and secure, comfortable and unobtrusive.

Luxe Bond Extensions can be worn for at least 6 Months and easily up to 1 Year with regular maintenance and rotation. Once removed (an easy process) Luxe Bonds don’t leave any trace, residue or damage – as scientifically proven by top Trichologist – Iain Sallis. ( Tricology is dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp).

Luxe Bond is a specialised service depending on individual needs.
So, whether applied for extra length, volume or a nuance of colour (or all three) Racoon’s Luxe Bond extensions are the professional’s choice for premium quality hair extensions and their clients preferred choice for the versatility they offer, knowing they can have the look of their dreams in a single visit!

How much does Luxe Bond cost?

Because each head is different, the quantity you will require – length or to add volume differs from person to person and we cannot give a price until you come for in for a consultation with Melissa. She will also guide you through the home care and maintenance during the consultation.

A consultation is required minimum 5 working days before service.
To book your free consultation with us call 018336942.

Heavenly Hair Extensions

We now also do “Heavenly Hair” Extensions in our salon. Our extensions are applied by our certified expert stylists.
With over 5 years of experience in the application and care of extensions our stylists will guide you through your needs and advise you accordingly in order to have the best result.

The technique that we use is the Microbead/Minilocks, which is leaving your hair in the best possible condition. This is the most popular method of hair extensions in today’s market.
Heavenly Hair tips are designed to fit in the smallest bead available at the moment, the minilock. It is lightweight, extremely durable, reusable and comes in many different colours.

We use Russian, Spanish and Indian Remi hair. With different price ranges and qualities, be reassured that you’ll find what suits you best.
The extension service includes wash,cut and blowdry on the day of application.
Removal is highly recommended after 3 months.

A consultation is required 3-5 working days before service.
To book your free consultation with us call on 018336942.